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Timothy Casey B.Sc.(Hons.): Consulting Geologist   

Geologist 1011: Security.

This site is pure HTML/CSS.

I don't run anything at your end; no scripts, no cookies, no popups, no client-side execution. If you encounter any of this in the course of browsing a 1011 site, please contact me with the URL of the page where you encountered it and a brief description of what you encountered.



Any internet credit card transactions will be handled by a well known third-party merchant provider. Given that the vast majority of vendors on the internet are unknown to any given individual. Before handing over credit card details to anyone; it's worth considering that, statistically, there is always a certain percentage of "vendors" who are running credit card scams at any given time. So it's best to play this one safe.

Presently, I've been using Stripe for some of my purchases and they've done the job without any fuss and without my having to leave the site at which I'm purchasing. So, when I get around to it, I'll probably consider setting up an account with Stripe.